CapitalOne Dealer navigator

CapitalOne had previously launch AutoNavigator which allowed the everyday consumer's to browse a partner dealerships inventory, structure an offer on a vehicle, and structure financing within their budget before visiting the dealership. The wish with DealerNavigator was to service the essential business functions between CapitalOne Auto Finance and it partner dealerships around the country, while creating a repository in a dashboard of those pre-approved consumers.


The business requirements

  • Allow Credit Managers to submit their customers for financing with real time approval decisions

  • Create a repository of customers who've structured deals on a vehicles inventory, and make those submittals arrangale by status

  • Allow Auto Sales professionals the ability to browse all the vehicles in their dealerships inventory on a tablet



THe Design elements

CapitalOnes Design system had its foundations already set visually with the DesignOne Visual Language that had launch in 2013. This set the styling for the color palette, typography, and other foundations. User research was done to identify the essential tasks that would align with business requirements. A release schedule was set focusing on expanding features with every release. I lead a design team of four, working closely with Product Owners, Business Analysts, and Development teams to insure that essential deadlines were met, and a successfful product was launched.