Carstory insights

CarStory Insights is a mobile application that Used Car Manager can use to access real time market data to help in pricing pre-owned vehicles in their vehicle inventory. The app uses numerous data feeds to monitor pricing within geographical areas, and creates competitive groups of vehicles based on Make, Model, Trim, Zip Code and several other factors. It then creates a series of alerts informing the Used Car Manager how a vehicle ranks among it's competition, and a forecast of how long it will take to sale that vehicle. 


The business requirements

  • Alerts - Create an alert system that serves as the primary experience communicating a sales prediction

  • VDP - Display pricing buckets and timeframes for a sales forecast`

  • VDP - List most popular features of a Make/Model and compare vehicle in present inventory

  • VDP - Show ranking of vehicle within it's local competition



THe Design elements

The primary goal of this app was to have "scanable" information, and allow for an intuitive way to access deeper information regarding the pricing of particular vehicle. So the emphasis of white space and readability were primary factors setting the visual styling. Vast had recently created a Visual Design Language when bringing on a new Design Director, Neil Everette. With his guidance and a mindset of continuous improvement the slant shapes, a vibrant blue gradient, overlapping layers, and typography combinations emerged as a pleasing combination of elements.