Malaysian Insider Newsletter

In late 2013 WorldVentures started to see a increase in activity in its Asian markets. Much of the growth was seen specifically in Hong Kong and Malaysia. The growth and incoming analytics of business in Malaysia prompted the creation of a specific email newsletter for the region. Two goals of this newsletter were to highlight the success of the sales team, and utilize them to promote regional trips.


The business requirements

  • Connect to the target audience on an emotional level

  • Communicate messaging from senior leadership

  • Provide content for motivation and sales training

  • Highlight WorldVentures Foundation's projects

  • Promote trips relevant to the region



THe Design elements

Analytics lead us to believe that the target audience of theses emails had grown up in rural areas, but had migrated to Kuala Lumpur as the economy of the country experienced growth in the science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism sectors. The strategy was to create a combination of visuals that would connect with our sales reps that had spent their childhood in countryside settings, but were venturing to Kuala Lumpur to pursue new opportunities.